Alert, Android Malware Circulating via Facebook

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Alert, Android Malware Circulating via Facebook - The cyber bandits find new ways to spread malicious programs for Android. Once confronted by Google Bouncer, a number of malware now circulates via Facebook.

In anticipation of a booming malware attacks on Android devices, Google is already building a new application called Bouncer. This application serves to filter out any content that is in the Android Market.

Seemingly lost his mind, the cyber criminals were trying to be more creative to spread malware with another search, one of them through Facebook.

The malware is spreading in various names for exampleany_name.apk or or allnew.apk, and media distribution through a Facebook application for Android.

The mode is known so far is to add the intended victim as a friend with a variety of pseudonyms. Victims who are curious will be led to see the profile of the perpetrator.

But instead found the profile page, link it refers to a site containing malicious applications that have been waiting for download.

Well here the user is required to be more observant. Android does not allow users to download applications from obscure websites without permission, so it should have this kind of attack can be easily avoided.

According to Sophos security services provider, if it is installed then the application will automatically create a user subscription premium SMS or other adverse action.

To be safer Android users are advised to make arrangements which only allow installation of applications via the Android Market.

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