iPad 3 Latest Slightly Thick and Heavy From iPad 2

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Apple has just completed a presentation iPad 3 in San Francisco,Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and now we can tell if the new iPad will be heavier and thicker than its predecessor? This new iPad size was 9.4 mm.

And weighs about half a kg. While the iPad 2 8.8 mm thick and weighs slightly less than half a kilogram (WiFi models). So the newiPad a little over 0.6 mm thick and somewhat heavier than the iPad2, but it takes someone who is very keen to see these differences.

IPad battery 3 is able to survive for 10 hours, battery life is as good as the original iPad and iPad 2. Steve Jobs never given the fact that the battery performance is the original model, Jobs did not want to increase because it has been tested and tested by many observers.

You are looking forward to a tablet of "The New iPad" will be coming soon on 16 March in 10 major countries, and the next 23 countries on March 23, seems to be more patient, because the country including in Indonesia seems to have a list on the second date.

To pre-order, consumers can simply visit the sitehttp://www.apple.com/ipad now welcomes visitors with the words"Resolutionary".

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